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What is IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?

IDE (Integrated development environment) is software designed for software developers to develop software faster and more comfortably, and which contributes to the more efficient use of the development process by providing many useful tools to the software developers during the development phase, and enables easier and more effective software development.

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Why Should Developers Use an IDE?

Thanks to the IDE, programmers get rid of a great burden. Developers include many features such as debugging, version control, Syntax error or syntax autocomplete. Developers that take advantage of all these features can produce software much faster.

At the same time, IDEs provide the developer with a more visual display and many shortcut keys are available. Considering all these, much better quality and much more comprehensive projects can be produced by using the IDE by spending much less time.

What is APP (Application)?

App, short for Application, is the most common computer software. The purpose of preparing apps is to perform a specific function or operation. For example, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word is a desktop Application. Applications such as Play Store, WhatsApp, Instagram are Mobile Applications.

Basically there is no difference between App and program. The concept of App started to take place in our lives as an abbreviation of the word Application after Apple introduced the iPhone. After the number of iPhone users started to increase, the concept of App became a more popular usage. When it comes to apps, it is wrong to think of apps that can only be run on mobile. As in the example we gave above, programs and applications that can run on a computer are also considered to be in the App group.

What is Cross Platform?

Cross-Platform Development means creating applications on multiple devices simultaneously, such as iOS, Android, and Windows. In other words, it is the process of creating a service that can work on all platforms with the only software you produce without the need to produce separate software for both iOS and Android and other platforms.

What are Mobile Application Development IDEs?

Android Studio

Languages Used: Java, C, C++, Kotlin, XML
Target OS: Android
Available Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux
License Type : Free

Android Studio is a programming tool recommended by Google with many high-end features to facilitate developers' work in the field of Android application development. IntelliJ is a custom development environment based on IDEA. One of its most important features is virtual devices (emulators).

Emulator; It allows us to test the applications we create live with the help of a virtual device on the computer without transferring them to any android device.


  • Provides built-in support for Google Cloud.
  • It has emulators for all its own device and android versions.
  • It has an interface on all other devices (tablet, television, clock, etc.) except the phone.
  • It has Github integration and ready-made templates.
  • Provides UML diagram support.
  • It has its own virtual device (emulator).
  • Provides vector images.
  • It is completely free.
  • Provides live code modification support.


  • Offers restricted language support.
  • Compared to other IDEs, RAM usage is high.
  • The target operating system is Android only.

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Visual Studio (Xamarin)

Languages Used : C , C++ , C# , Visual , Basic , PHP , JavaScript etc.
Target OS: Cross-Platform, Windows, Android, iOS
Available Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux
License Type : Free

Xamarin can be downloaded with Visual Studio, and Android, iOS and Windows Form apps can be built directly. If you know C#, you can build your applications without having to learn Java, Objective-C or Swift. Xamarin is an open source platform for building modern and performance apps for iOS, Android and Windows with .NET.


  • It is faster than Gradle based systems.
  • All free and open source. Published under the MIT license.
  • It allows .NET programmers to do Android applications.
  • A cross-platform mobile application can be written.


  • Since the libraries used in the application are written in Java, it takes a lot of time to use these libraries.
  • The file size is too large.
  • If there is a problem with your internet connection during the download, it starts downloading from the beginning and this consumes a lot of internet.


Languages Used : Java , C , C++ , C# , JavaScript , Python etc.
Target Operating System: Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows
Usable Operating Systems: All operating systems that support Java
License Type : Eclipse Open License
Price : Free

Eclipse is a completely free IDE used to facilitate application development in various languages. It was previously developed only for Java, but later it started to support C/C++, Cobol, Python, Perl, PHP as well. The project is currently run by the Eclipse Foundation.


  • It is free and Open source.
  • The compiler runs fast.
  • It offers a wide selection of plugins.
  • It provides the opportunity to test quickly.
  • It is faster than other IDEs.
  • It offers multiple language support.


  • Although there are many plugins, they are not always reliable.
  • User interface is bad

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