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Google Chrome Will Make a Design Change For Windows

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Google Chrome Will Make a Design Change For Windows

Microsoft, one of the largest software companies of USA, has announced that it will add a new version to the Windows family. This version, which was introduced as Windows 11, is very popular. Windows 11 is introduced as the biggest version developed after 2015. It offers features to eliminate the deficiencies found in Windows 10. A very convenient version has emerged flexibility, updates in security and accessibility features. Windows 11, which has emerged with many performance improvements, is preparing to make new changes in Google Chrome with its new designs in various applications.

Is Google Chrome compatible with Windows 11?

Google Chrome, is constantly developing and changing. With the updates, it becomes more functional and has new features day by day. For this reason, Google is trying to make Chrome suitable for the Windows 11 new operating system. This information was discovered by Reddit users some time ago, when they shared screenshots from the latest version of the Chrome Canary update. It was noteworthy to have the same menu styles as the Windows 11 designs in the images. In addition, the rounded corner designs in the images are one of the most important points.

These features are available for use in Windows 10. As a new design in Windows 11, the rounded corner designs in the menus are highly appreciated by the users. The Google Chrome design change is currently kept to a minimum by Windows 11 and only applies to changes that can be made to the menus. The new experimental flag must be enabled with the Chrome Canary update to see the changes. If any page is opened in the browser and right-clicked, a tab with rounded corners and shadow effects is visible. Thanks to the experimental flag activated, it shows that different features continue to be developed on Chrome.

What's different in Windows 11

The fact that the transparency level of the cards increases when the tab is hovered is an indicator of one of them. Microsoft Edge for Windows 11 also differs from Google Chrome because it supports Mica material. With the mica material, the background color can be aligned with the desktop from the tab area in the browser. It also distinguishes multiple applications and creates a fluid experience for users. Chrome, which will also offer support for new, dynamic colors, impresses users in every way.

There are some steps to be followed in order to activate the Windows 11 design of Google Chrome. First of all, the Chrome Canary version must be downloaded. After this process, it is necessary to log in by typing 'Chrome://flags'. After the menu is opened, the “Windows 11 Style Menus” flag should be activated. The browser should be restarted as the last action. After these steps, the new design features of Windows 11 can be seen on Google Chrome.

It is seen that the rounded corners and Mica material in the new design of Windows 11 do not harm its performance. This developed design has been specially developed for more efficient performances. In addition, the fact that the impressive designs in the new version of Windows 11 were activated by Google in Chrome once again impressed technology enthusiasts.

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